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Software and Manuals Now Easy to Find and Download

Thursday, September 19, 2013

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by Triton

For quite some time it has been a bit difficult for some customers of ATMGurus and Triton to locate manuals and software on our Triton website. This was due to the fact that you needed an active partner site account to retrieve these documents. Housing the library behind the login was inconveniencing some of our customers, and though we had sound reasons for doing so, customer satisfaction was obviously the priority. Even those with partner accounts found it cumbersome to log-in just to download a file.

In response to your requests, Triton has relocated the manuals and software to the public portion of There is no need to go to third party provider sites and risk downloading dated software or manuals. Head straight to the manufacturer for easy and speedy downloads of needed software and manuals for your Triton ATM.

You might say: “But Gus, now everyone has access to Triton manuals and software, they are all over the web.” And, you would be correct.

However, while many online ATM retailers were making our software and manuals available to the general public, Triton realized that it was important that we make the information available to ensure that customers were always referencing the current manual and loading the most recent software on their ATMs.

Rest assured that the service manuals remain available only to those that have been trained, and your custom software will never be generally available.  Software for your current or legacy Triton product can be found in the Services and Support section of the website.  Manuals for your current or legacy Triton product can be found in the User Manuals and Guides section of the website.

Please continue to let Triton know what we can do to serve you better and help you grow your business, we love to hear from you!